Multi-temperature storage facilities

MX LOGISTIC cold storage facilities in Kuryanovo is the single logistics centre of A class in Moscow located in immediate proximity to the main transport corridors of the capital.

The facility has the capacity to store food in five temperature ranges simultaneously:

+6 +8°С
+2 +4°С
–2 +2°С
–18°С –25°С
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Management System
WMS Logistics Vision

We work 24 hours,
7 days a week

Above 50 units of equipment

24-hour security

Storage facility profile

Working hours 24 hours
Facility security 24 hours (including security perimeter with video recording)
Total area 31 300 м2
Developed area 12 800 м2
Total structural volume 198 153,9 м2
Freezer compartments:
4 separate modules (-18-25°с)
2 506 м² / 4 310 pallet positions
Moderate temperature compartments:
1 module (+6+8°с),
1 module (+2 +4°с),
1 module (+2 -2°с)
3 866,8 м² / 7 643 pallet positions
Convertible cooler:
1 separate module
(-18 -25°с) или (0+2°с)
1 521,7 м²/ 2 295 pallet positions
Exchange/release area 2 550м²
Entresol (+15°с) 1136,2 м²/381 pallet positions
Total storage capacity 14 629 pallet positions
Effective ceiling height 11,1 meters
Number of storage tiers 5 tiers
Total number of docks (dock-levellers, dock shelters) 19 docks
Cargo handling Entry-exit: simultaneously — 19 means of transportation/ above 4 500 tons of cargo a day
Electric VNA trucks 5
Electric wide aisle trucks 7
Electric lift trucks 14
Hand pallet trucks 12
Electric pedestrian trucks 5
Electric order pickers 5
Pallet wrapping machines 5
Weight checking stations (Weight checkers) 9
Floor coating/floor load rating Self-leveling floor, anti dust coating/ 6 000 kg/m²
Modern computer-aided facility operation systems Warehouse Management System — WMS Logistics Vision
Office rooms on the 2nd floor (entresol) Office rooms 1 100 m² —20 to 50 m² each
Access check centralized system checkpoints, automated access check system, turn-gates
Veterinary control, food safety Veterinary check point on site, HACCP food safety system
Digital voice communications Fiber-optic communication lines
High-speed Internet access 2 providers — Beeline, MGTS
Parking for car transport and heavy transport above 50 parking places (24 hours, 7 days a week)
Loading/discharge docks/gates Supplier —Hormann Company
Lift-and-carry equipment Supplier —Jungheinrich Company
Cold store equipment Supplier —Thermocool Company
High-speed gates/sliding doors Supplier/equipment — Dynaco/ Ems
Racking equipment Supplier —Jungheinrich Company
Stand-alone power generation system with two diesel generators maximum capacity 2 х 750 kVА
Heating/water supply system External centralized water supply and heating system
Fire alarms/fire extinguisher system Fire alarm, automatic fire alarm (sprinkler system), fire water system, fire main
Ventilation Input-exhaust ventilation, in office rooms - Chiller Fancoil System
Applied cooling medium/cooling agent For moderate storage temperatures and exchange areas — propylene glycol 40% water. For low-temperature storage — ammonia NH3
Electric lighting Smart system with latest generation LEDs
Additional data Anti-lighting protection, smoke exhaust system